Do you offer Free WiFi access?

When your customers want to sign on to the Internet while visiting your business, do you offer them a way to do it for free? If not, why not?
If you do offer free WiFi access, do your customers have to enter a store-wide password? If they don’t, their connections aren’t secure and you could be liable if they get hacked. If you require a password to be entered, your staff is spending time telling your customers the password and not selling.

You could off free and secure WiFi access and build a re-marketing list

Social Access WiFi allows your customers to sign-in to the Internet for free using their own social media login. They get logged in securely, and you get to collect their contact information to build a list to re-market to later. Once logged in, you can send them directly to a web page of your choosing, like your web site, or a page with your specials, or even a page with buttons for them to choose whether they want to Like your Facebook page, check-in on Facebook, leave a review, and so on.

Next Steps…

We offer packages to help you offer free Social Access WiFi. Take advantage of our concierge service. We are ready to help.